Children First Foundation was established in 1999 to support and expand the humanitarian work of Moira Kelly, AO.

The Foundation's mission is to provide a safe haven in Australia for children, irrespective of race or creed, who are in need of medical or emotional support.  To achieve this the Foundation operates, or is involved in, three major programs: Between the Gaps, gECHO (getting Every Child's Heart Okay) and its Miracle sMiles Program. Through these programs we aim to:

• Provide ancillary medical assistance to disadvantaged children.
• Improve the life expectancy of disadvantaged indigenous children.
• Provide seriously injured or unwell children from developing countries with the opportunity to have world-class corrective/restorative surgery that will save or transform their lives.
• Provide respite and a compassionate environment for children undergoing surgery or medical treatment and other children in need, and their carers.
• Offer disadvantaged children experiences that will enrich their lives.
• Link visiting children to their communities in Australia so that they can maintain their cultural identity during their stay.

The Foundation has also established a number of collaborative relationships with other organisations with a view to enhancing its programs.

Children First Foundation
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